I'm Vaishali Jain, a New-York-based web designer and developer who loves talking to people. I want to know what you do in this busy world, and what I can do to help you do it better, faster, and with a little more joy. So what are you waiting for, say hello.

how i work


Wireframe | Physical Prototype | Storyboard


Using wireframes, paper prototypes, or storyboards, I start by illustrating a future that solves a clear problem.

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Finally, I observe and test, ensuring a quality product with an eye on future enhancements.


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work samples

Teach For America

Teach For America is a not-for-profit organization building the movement to eliminate educational inequity by developing committed leaders to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools.

I started at Teach For America as a front-end developer in 2010. Since then, we migrated the public website from 300+ static HTML files to a dynamic Drupal CMS with flexible templates and a user friendly backend. In addition, I reskinned the program's online application for the first time since its inception resulting in a significant increase in application throughput. My responsibilities additionally include developing campaign microsites, creating wireframes, conducting user research, and managing an extraordinary development team.



Drupal CMS, HTML/CSS, JS/jQuery

Think Alouds, Desirability Studies

  • The Teach For America public website was relaunched in July 2012 on a mobile-friendly Drupal CMS supporting the needs of 50+ content editors nationwide.

  • All 300+ static HTML files based on various content requirements were successfully converted to one of the optimized 8 grid layouts.

  • Microsites, such as the Now More Than Ever campaign, were rapidly developed during the program's application season in response to current events and recruitments insights.

In Twitter We Trust

In Twitter We Trust used Twitter to predict the 2012 National election based on hashtags. As an independent project, I developed the following visualization to illustrate Twitter's view of the 2012 presidential election broken down by state and battleground counties. With the exception of the backend and US map functionality, I rapidly conceptualized, designed, and developed the site in four days.




  • In Twitter We Trust generated 1000+ views in the first week it was launched.

  • In addition to state and county trends stored on a MySQL database, live tweets using the Twitter API are pulled on page refresh.

Microsoft Curio

The Watercooler project, sponsored by Microsoft, was my Capstone project at Carnegie Mellon's HCI Institute. The project aims to understand the aspects of serendipitous workplace conversations that make employees feel connected, empowered, and valued. After conducting a four month research effort, our team prototyped a solution that would satisfy the following criteria based on our findings: entice people to meet new people by creating common ground; create a space that benefits everyone by leveling the playing field; encourage organizational exploration by piquing curiosity.

The final result, Curio, is a web based application composed of three main parts: a network map, a professional profile, and an award system. Employees can travel seamlessly between the map and profiles while exploring their company and learning about each other based on the medals they have been awarded and the information they choose to share.


Project Management, Client Liaison

Contextual Inquiries, Retrospective Interviews, Mad Lib Studies, Competitive Analysis

  • The Curio demonstration outlines a use case where the three major features of Curio (a network map, a professional profile, and an award system) are all used to satisfy the established design objectives.

  • Curio's final prototype was tested on seven users who were all given open-ended tasks to complete using the system. We were interested in assessing people's perception of the Curio's value as well as their intrinsic motivation to explore.

Chirp FM

Chirp FM is a dynamic visualization of tweets controlled through the familiar interface of an analog radio. Listeners can "tune in" to tweets based on current trending topics from 10 different countries at the turn of a dial.




  • Photographs used in Chirp FM were curated using flickr's creative commons license.

  • The website is optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Domestic Harmony Foundation

The Domestic Harmony Foundation provides services for South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim women and children who are seeking relief from domestic violence and other human rights violations.

I worked with the Domestic Harmony Foundation to envision and develop a new website for the organization. In addition to a visual redesign, I am suggesting functional changes to make it easier and safer for women to find support through the interface including a responsive site that will work on all personal devices.

The site is currently in development and is schedule to launch in December 2012.


High Fidelity Protoype



Wireframes, Design


  • The high-fidelity homepage mockup illustrates the use of media queries to create an adaptive interface that will follow through to the final product.

  • Wireframes depicting the four main pillars of the site and high fidelity mockups are shared with the client to ensure alignment before development begins.

more about me

Vaishali Jain is the Director of Development at Teach For America. After graduating from SUNY Stonybrook, she tested the waters at banking giant UBS before heading to Pittsburgh for her masters in Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. She loves coding in front of the television and dance parties on Friday afternoons.

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